Finding Harmony Through 5 Elements of Yin Yoga

27.9.2020 15:30-17:30

After a busy summer, come find your quieter self with Martina, while learning more about the theory and practice of Yin Yoga and how regular Yin practice can help us achieve more physical and mental harmony.  
Wood. Fire. Earth. Metal. Water. Spring. Late Summer. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Anger. Joy. Worry. Sadness. Fear. 
You may be wondering how do all these terms relate to each other? What do seasons have to do with our emotions? And how does our Yin Yoga practice relate to all of this? 
Yin Yoga has its origin in Taoist practices of Old China. The practice is therefore greatly influenced by the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its Five Elements Theory. This theory explains complex relationships and connections between the various processes that take place within our body every day, and also how these relate with the natural world around us. 
We will start this workshop with a short mindfulness meditation that will help us tune all of our senses into the present moment. Before we dive into a long Yin Yoga practice, we will briefly discuss the Five Elements Theory, as well as look at the structure of our body to understand where and how Yin Yoga affects our body and mind. We will finish the workshop with Yoga Nidra – yogic sleep induced by a guided meditation – for absolute relaxation of the body and mind. 
I believe that after this workshop you will feel more balanced, relaxed, lighter. I am looking forward to seeing you on the mat.  

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