Shoulders & Back Flexibility

20.9. 2020 16:00 – 18:00

We all often crave deep backbends. At the same time, we run into resistance of our body or mind, back compression and pain or lack of strength.

This workshop is for anyone wanting to take their bacbends to the next level, knowing that doesn’t necessarily mean going deeper. We will explore some fun but challenging movements that will give you enough strength and confidence in your bakcbends.

We will  look at the anatomy of a healthy and safe backbend. Understanding  the anatomy will give you a better insight of where you should keep your focus and intention.

We will also go through excercises and tips you can take into your existing yoga practise.

I’m challenging you to come, sweat, have fun and explore the love for backbends and for yourself!

All levels are welcome!

Price early bird until 24.8.  700,- / after 24.8.  800,-

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