Fridays 23.11.,30.12., 7.12., 14.12. 2018  at 18.00 – 19.30

4 Elements Upside Down
Handstand and flexibility workshops connected with motivational philosophy.

/ Balance /

Life is a change. So it’s balance.

Body is an organic object whose maintenance causes a lot of parasitic movements from balance perspective. In order to stay balanced we need to react on these mistakes and correct them.

Friday 23.11. 2018 / 18.30 / 90mins

/ Strength. Efficiency /

We do things we like and things we like a bit less. So why not to spend time efficiently and fast with stuff we don’t like and enjoy the majority of time with something we really love to do. The same for handstand. Why not to use the straight vertical line of our body to remain in handstand with least effort? Just stack the joints on the top of each other and enjoy the small corrections in balance. Handstand is not meant to strengthen the muscles, but to use the efficiency of bio- mechanics to make us stand as effortless as we do on our feet.

Friday 30.12. 2018 / 18.30 / 90mins

/ Straight Line. Aesthetics /

In all kinds of craftmenship: „The perfection is the target we will probably never reach. However we can get very close to it and the path serves us much more than just mastering the sklil.“

Friday 7.12. 2018 / 18.30 / 90mins

/ Flexibility /

Mind can be flexible. If we achieve to not remain limited by our mind, we can be creative. But what if the body then limits the creative mind? The training of flexibility comes. Flexible body can fulfill and change the thought into physicality without limitations. So reaction to the reality is natural with no pain and is not blocked. So stay flexible – mentally and physically.

Friday 14.12. 2018 / 18.30 / 90mins ​

Why doing a handstand?

Do you want to see your life from different perspective? So first of all, you get out of your comfort zone and flip yourself upside down. Then you learn how to keep the control „in your hands“ and make it organic. No worries, you already did it as a small baby – on your feet.

What handstand is?

It is overcoming a fear. It is freedom. It is control.
It is a skill.
It is grounding.

It is motion.
…But still and minimalistic.


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